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Cuckold Husband Watching Wife Get Tag Teamed and Creampied

Friday, July 30th, 2021

Jerry brings his hot wife Wendy to Dirty D to show off how good a slut she is to the world. Dirty D strips Wendy naked and puts her on her knees to suck his cock. Jerry pushes Wendys head down on Dirty Ds dick encouraging her to suck it. Then Jerry eats Wendys pussy getting her wet and ready for Dirty Ds hard dick. Dirty D fucks Wendy while Jerry eagerly watches. One of Dirty Ds friends stops by and joins in tag teaming Wendy with Dirty D as Jerry cheers her on. Jerry hold his wifes hand watching while she takes dick from both ends. Wendy looks to see Jerrys approving smile as she is getting fucked by two men. Wendy swallows Dirty Ds friends cum load like a good slut making Jerry proud. Dirty D fills Wendys pussy with hot cum for a messy creampie. Jerry takes home his cum filled wife Wendy to get some sloppy seconds.

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Breaking In Her Ass

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021

Mitch has a problem many husbands face his wife Gianna was not giving up the ass. So, Mitch sent his wife to Dirty D to Break Her Ass in. Dirty D is always up to perform an anal intervention. Dirty D starts by inspecting the student body Giannas tight sexy body and neatly shaved pussy passes her with high marks. Dirty D moves on to assess her oral skills. Then is it time to test out her pussy. Dirty D sees Giannas tight little brown eye staring at him while he pounds her pussy. Dirty D inserts a glass toy with a lot of lube into Giannas tight ass to prepare her. After getting used to having a toy in her ass Dirty D starts Giannas final exam. Dirty D shoves his fat cock into her tiny asshole. Dirty D proceeds to fuck her ass until it is well broken in. For some extra credit Dirty D shots a big hot load all in Giannas mouth.

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Two Girls Licking Pussy and Cock

Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Candy and Katka are two sexy girls that share everything watch as they please each other licking pussy then double team a cock.

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Girl Getting Tattooed then Screwed in a Raunchy Porn Theater

Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Celeste is a sexy little blonde freak that loves her tattoos. Dirty D asks her to get a special one to commemorate her trip to the porn theater. Celeste agrees but it must say Dirty D in the tattoo. Dirty D takes Celeste to the tattoo shop getting her inked up right above her pussy for all to see. Next they head to the raunchy porn theater. Dirty D strips Celeste naked and the perverts quickly begin to gather around them. Celeste sucks Dirty Ds dick as the crowd fondle her perky breasts and pussy. Celeste rides Dirty D while she sucks and strokes a line of strangers cocks. Dirty D blows his load in Celestes mouth and she goes right back to blowing the rest of the guys. The perverts take turns banging her bald pussy and shooting their hot cum loads in her mouth and on her face. Celeste is not finished until she satisfies every last stranger. Her tattoo tells everyone how Dirty D turned her out in the theater.

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Black Gangstas Gang Banging a Thin Blonde Slut

Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

I was just chillin at the beach when I met this fly ass white ho. This bitch was wearin a goddamn skimpy ass motherfuckin outfit that had Im a slut written all over it. This bitch came up to me and done asked me if I had any weed to smoke and shit and of course I got the dro you know what Im sayin. So I brought this white slut back up to the crib and before she came up in the room I told my boys I was gonna try this bitch and sho enough I told her that the homies done smoked up all the weed but she could puff on my motherfuckin dick if she wanted to and this white ho said yeah and in a quick minute she was on her knees and my dick was all up in her mouth. The homies knew what time it was. Time to ride the white bitch train Choo Choo. In a matter of a minute and shit all the homies had their dicks out and this bitch was goin in circles takin turns on each one of us and then we flipped the bitch over and decided it was time to tear up the pussy a bit. We took turns fuckin this bitch and pulled one hell of a train before finally I decided it was time to stick my dick up in her ass. We had a dick all up in her shitter and then my boy stuck his dick back up in her pussy and we double penetrated this white slut and had her still suckin dick. We kept this bitch air motherfuckin tight. Then my boy got a crazy idea and shit he grabbed one of our wine glasses and shit and all the homies shot their loads right into the motherfuckin glass and we made the bitch drink the shit.. Gourmet cum and shit right from the glass Oh hell naw. That was some wicked ass shit right there and the bitch drank every last drop of all of our cum and shit. This bitch was a fuckin cock slut fo sho and when it was all over we got our rocks off and the bitch never did get her motherfuckin weed.

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Two European Couples Interracial Wife Swapping

Sunday, July 18th, 2021

This is an interesting foursome with a little bit of everything. There are two sexy Ukrainian amateur girls a husband to one of the girls and a black dude. The four of them all get down on each other and totally wild. Theres a lot of licking eating sucking fucking and more. Theres also a lot of swapping and fawning after a big black dong.

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Busty Black Girl Getting Cum Covered

Thursday, July 15th, 2021

Cedra is a 19 year old stripper that Dirty D is corrupting. She puts on a good show at the strip club but here in the theater things get much wilder. Dirty D leads Cedra into the dark seedy theater. Cedra quickly becomes the center of attention as a crowd of horny perverts emerge from the dark corners of the theater. Dirty D unleashes Cedras luscious big tits. Strangers hands come flying in to get a feel. Dirty D puts Cedra down on her knees having her stroke and suck all the perverts cocks that she can get her hands on. Dirty D moves Cedra onto the back of the couch fucking her tight wet shaved pussy while she continues sucking off strangers. Soon Cedra is taking load after load on her face and tits. Dirty D finishes leaving his mark by spraying her snatch with a healthy cum load. Cedra leaves a cum covered mess having satisfied every single pervert.

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Gold Digger Blonde Bitch Interracial Gang Bang

Saturday, July 10th, 2021

Me and da crew was out shopping when we find dis blonde bitch Capri. My boys hit her up to chill back at the pad. Capri shows us the sexy nightie she bought at da store. After bribing her with some cash she changes into her skimp outfit. We said give a lap dance we will pay you. Capri shows she is a real gold digger she is all about da benjamins. Da crew starts whipping out their cash and she bounces lap to lap. Capri snatched up all the cash in the room. My boy says if you want to keep that roll you are going to have to give us a gang bang. Capri says whipem out boys and da gang bang is on. Capri goes right to downing da dicks. The whole crew lines up for their turn to tap dat pussy. We bounce that gold digger bitch between our cocks like a ping pong ball. We really make Capri earn her cash when one of da crew hits that tight asshole until it gaps wide open. Then we all nut on da bitchs face and kick her to da curb.

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Trannie in tight red bikini gets ass fucking

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021

If there was a Sports Illustrated for trannie chicks this girl would get the cover. Here she is showing off her slamming body to the world. The man shes with is extremely aroused and has to fuck her right then and there in the woods. She doesnt mind at all. She loves that she can turn men on to this point.

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Amateur Porn Star Gang bang

Sunday, July 4th, 2021

Phoenixxx Blaque is a cock craving nympho. She throws gang bang parties just to satisfy her sexual needs. Watch as Phoenixxx takes on a room full of guys hard cocks.

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