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Wet T Shirt Contest Drunk Party Girls Boobs

Sunday, July 29th, 2018

This is what every party should be like. There are more girls than you can count getting down and dirty in this awesome video. They start out not wearing much of anything and have less and less on as the night progresses. Youll be shocked at what all these college girls are willing to do with the cameras rolling.

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Slut Latina Taking on a Crowd of Horny Perverts

Thursday, July 26th, 2018

Susie is a busty Latina MILF. She has been on several slut wife adventures with Dirty D but she has never been into the porn theater. Susie is eager to get covered in cum. Dirty D takes her into the dark theater and unleashes her big breasts arousing the crowd of on lookers. Dirty D places Susie down on her knees and she is swarmed by a circle of guys stroking their cocks. Susie is a cum hungry slut she strokes a cock in each hand with one in her mouth. Guys start shooting their loads all over Susies big boobs and luscious round ass. Then Dirty D fucks Susies tight shaved pussy while she sucks another guys cock. One stranger shoots his load all over her pussy right before another guy steps up and fucks her hot sticky wet snatch. Susie leaves the theater a cum covered mess.

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Krysta Gives Awesome Head

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Britney Madison and Nadia are two hot young looking chicks that double team a dick. They take turns sucking and licking his cock. Up and down their mouths slide as they share his dick waiting for his hot jizz. He shoots his load in both their mouths and they swap and share this sticky treat.

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Salt and Pepper Gang Bang

Friday, July 20th, 2018

This motherfuckin video was from way back in the motherfuckin day. We was all recoupin up in the hideout and shit. Some motherfucker had just smoked my boy and shit. Just another day up in da hood. We had his bitch there with us and she was straight trippin and shit and we was tryin to calm her ass down cuz she was about to rush up out of there and smoke a fool. She heard that this other bitch was there and shit when her man got smoked so she got up on the phone and straight up asked the bitch to come over and chill so she could fins out what the fuck the scoop was and shit. The bitch came up in the house and me and the homies was hidin out just waiting for the bitch to let us know when to come out. These two bitches started straight up messin around and shit. The white ho put a blindfold up on the black bitches eyes and shit and then took her clothes off. This ebony slut had some massive ass titties then after she got her naked and shit she put a strap on and straight up fucked the bitch with it. Damn these fuckin lesbian sluts were getting all into it and shit and then the white ho had us come out of hidin and shit and we was real quiet like and walked right up to the bitch and stuck a dick right in the bitches mouth and shit and one of my other homies stuck his dick right into the bitches pussy and shit. This stupid black slut thought she was still suckin on and getting fucked by a motherfuckin dildo and shit then we just busted out and started laughin and shit and the bitch just kept on goin fuckin and suckin me and da crew. We pulled a train on her ass and tore that black ass up. We fucked her pussy and her ass and even double penetrated that bitch. We face fucked the bitch until she gagged and then titty fucked her too. We shot our loads of cum all over the bitches face and all up in her mouth and shit. We decided that the bitch didnt know shit about our homey dyin and shit and we let her up in the gang and shit. This black bitch was gonna be seein more of our black dicks real soon. Damn man that shit was so long ago and shit but we still call her ass up and dick her down from time to time.

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Asian Schoolgirl Loni Licking Dick

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Loni is a sexy asian slut who is an expericenced cocksucker. She takes command of this cock and shoves it in and out of her mouth with a vengence. She stokes and sucks her man until he blows his sticky load all over her face and body.

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Sexy Brunette on Her Knees Blowing Uncut Cock

Saturday, July 14th, 2018

Sexy brunette Sara strips and gets down on her knees and starts blowing an uncut cock.

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Training a Pregnant Wife to be a Slut Mom

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Jose sent his 9 month pregnant and horny wife Carmen to Dirty D for slut training. He wanted her to have some new skills to use after the baby. Dirty D did not let her being preggo slow him down. While Dirty D was pounding Carmens pregnant pussy she introduced him to a new saying. Fucking a pregnant women is the best because while you are fucking her the baby is sucking your dick. Dirty D just hopes she is having a girl.

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Amber Basketball Groupie Gang Bang

Sunday, July 8th, 2018

This has got to be one of my most motherfuckin favorite bitches of all time right here. Amber has got to be the stupidest bitch I have ever met but it is all good cuz me and the homies got to pull a train on the bitch. Anyways so check this out and shit we was all shooting some hoops at the park and shit one day and this fine ass blonde comes up to us and thinks my boy is Michael Jordan and shit. This white ho was beggin for his autograph and everything so me and the homies figured why the fuck not. We told this dumb bitch we was all pro sports celebrities and that we didnt have no pen on us and shit so she would have to come back to the crib to get our signatures. She was all like OK and shit and we knew right then and there that this bitch was about to suck and fuck the entire crew. As soon as we got back to the pad we got the bitch to strip down to her motherfuckin panties and shit and then she told us we could touch her and shit. From that point on it was only a matter of time and shit before we was gonna be beatin that pussy up real motherfuckin good. Shonuff we got the bitch butt ass naked and had her suckin on our dicks and shit. She took turns makin sure to give us all a good motherfuckin blow job and shit and then I slid my dick right up into this white bitchs pussy while my boys took turns workin that mouth. I tore the pussy up for a good minute and then I switched right to the sluts ass. I fucked her in the ass for a minute and then had my boy slide his dick up in her pussy at the same time so we could get some double penetration action goin on and of course we made sure a dick stayed up in the bitchs mouth the entire time too. We all switched it up and shit and took turns beatin that pussy up and tearin the ass apart from the inside and shit. When we was all ready we sat the bitch up on her knees and shot our cum all over her fuckin face. This bitch was covered in sticky ass cum. Damn man the bitch never did get our autographs and shit.

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Schooled in Creampie Tasting

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

Randy had his wife Susie meet him over at Dirty Ds for a surprise slut wife training session. Susie is a good slut at home but Randy wants her to take it to the next level and fuck all of his friends. Dirty D inspects the student body oiling up Susies big tits. Dirty D tests her oral skills and how well she can take a deep dicking. Randy cheers Susie on while Dirty D trains her. For the final exam Susie tastes a fresh creampie from her pussy.

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Jasmine Sucks Cock All The Way Down

Monday, July 2nd, 2018

Jasmine is a pregnant whore who wants some black cock. She gets on a bed and goes down and proves be knocked up doesnt mean you cant suck cock. He crams his cock down her throat and coasts her tonsoils with his cum.

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