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Dirty D Gives Wife Gina Ass to Mouth Training

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Henry sent his hot wife Gina to Dirty D for an over all sexual evaluation. Dirty D knows what a good slut Gina is so he enrolled her into slut wife graduate school. Dirty D inspects the student body before he thoroughly examines all three of Ginas hot wet holes with his hard cock. Dirty D has Gina suck her pussy juices off his cock before he pounds her ass. Dirty D has both her pussy and asshole gapping open before he is through. Dirty D gives Gina the ultimate test with repeated ass to mouth! Watch as Gina makes the grade in all of her hardcore lessons.

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Classy Blonde MILF Sucking Dick

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Classy Blonde MILF Francesca Slurping Cum from an Uncut Cock.

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Body Painted Mardi Gras Girls

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Mardi Gras is filled with public flashing day and night. Check out the wildest drunken street festival in the country. Body painted topless chicks is art that everyone can enjoy. This video is filled with non stop girls baring their breasts and more.

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Sleepy Whore High Huffing Key Board Cleaner

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

Jessi is one fucked up whore. She loves to get high on crack but thats not all. Jessi discovered a much cheaper way to kill her brain-cells: an Air Duster key board cleaning spray she calls Duster Muffin. This shit makes her voice very deep and then knocks her the fuck out. Jessi can barely answer the questions she is asked. It seems this bitch doesnt even know what planet she is on or what year it is. She does eventually reveal some of her troubled past. Jessi got shot once during an attempted robbery but couldnt go to the hospital because of her several pending warrants. Watch this idiot cunt spray smoke and Suck so she can do it all over again tomorrow.

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Slut Wife Penny Spoon Fed 3 Hole Creampie

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Matt sent his wife Penny to Dirty D with a sign pinned to her stating Use Me it was clear then that a three hole creampie training was in order. Pennys training starts on her knees surrounded by cocks testing her oral multi tasking skills. Dirty D then pounds Pennys pussy before hitting the ass for an anal creampie. Dirty D truly tests just how much of a slut Penny is by spooning the cum from her ass and feeding it to her.

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Smart Ass Street Whore Talks About Smoking Crack

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Annie has been out of jail for only 4 months after doing a 4 year term. She is already back to the street life of hooking on the streets. Before prison this street walker was living the wild life of a street dealer. Annies favorite form of entertainment was watching gay freaks fuck. Annie likes the extreme side of sex admitting to cracker jack she likes to be choked out. Listen to this smart ass hoe telling her sick philosophy on life.

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Drunk Naked Mardi Gras Girls Wild in the Street

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Miami is always home to hot weather and scantly clad sexy girls that love to show their stuff. This is a smoking hot wild wet t shirt contest
filled with every type of girl you could want. There are cute college girls horny MILFs and strippers all on one stage competing for cash. Watch to see just how far these girls will go to win the big money.

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Schooled in Creampie Tasting

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Randy had his wife Susie meet him over at Dirty Ds for a surprise slut wife training session. Susie is a good slut at home but Randy wants her to take it to the next level and fuck all of his friends. Dirty D inspects the student body oiling up Susies big tits. Dirty D tests her oral skills and how well she can take a deep dicking. Randy cheers Susie on while Dirty D trains her. For the final exam Susie tastes a fresh creampie from her pussy.

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Husband Listens In On Wifes Slut Training

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Brian sent his wife Anastasia to Dirty D to prep her for being a slut with his friends. After an introduction to Dirty D Anastasia calls her husband Brian so he can listen in on her lessons. Dirty D reviews the student body and finds Anastasia can put her ankles behind her ears. Dirty D continues with an oral exam. Dirty D tests her pussy & for a final exam Dirty D gives Anastasia a big facial. Dirty D sends her back home for sloppy seconds.

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Black MILF Birthday Gang Bang

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

We was all partying and shit celebratin my boys birthday and shit one night. We got back to the crib cuz we ordered him a stripper and shit and when the bitch walked in we were like hell yeah. This bitch was a Puerto Rican slut with huge titties and a big old ghetto booty. She came in and sat on the bed next to the birthday boy. She had my boy help her get her clothes off right away and this bitch had it goin on. She was about to give us more than just a strip show, this bitch had fuckin on the mind and was all about our black dicks. This bitch had all of us suckin and lickin her all over the place and she pulled out my boyz dick and started suckin his shit. We all got our clothes off cuz we knew we was about to tear this pussy up real good. This bitch was a freak for sure, and made sure we knew it. She went in circles suckin our dicks and shit. My boy slid up between her thighs and shit and stuck his dick right up into her pussy. He slammed the shit out of her and she was lovin the shit. She had a dick up in her pussy and one up in her mouth and she was strokin two dicks all at the same time and shit. After a minute we put the bitch on all fours and my boy hit it doggy style and shit while I shoved my dick down her throat. This bitch could deep throat a dick like a motherfucker. She sucks dick like a champ and takes a pussy beatin even better. We all took turns fuckin her pussy and face fuckin the shit out of her. Then the bitch had us fuck her in the ass too she took all of our dicks in every hole she had and shit. When we was all done fuckin her we shot cum all over her body and she even swallowed some of the shit. When it was time to go, she wanted more dick but we had enough so we told the bitch we would have to catch her later and dipped the fuck up out of their. That was one hell of a birthday party for my boy and this is a bitch that we will call back again next time we need some Puerto Rican pussy on our dicks.

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