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Military Wife Plays While Husband is Away

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Angelina is a military wife and her husband Dennis is serving a tour of duty overseas. Angelina called Dirty D to help document that she is being a good slut wife while he is away. Dirty D has a couple of his boys over to help put Angelina through her slut wife paces. This is going to make a great tape for Dennis to watch when he gets it in the mail. Dirty D and the guys strip Angelina naked and get her on her knees and surround with dicks to suck. Angelinas oral skills get all of the guys hard and ready to fuck. Dirty D starts pounding Angelinas pussy and gives her a sticky creampie. Angelina proves she is a wild slut when she lets the next guy fucking her stick his cock in her ass. He shoots his cum load all over her pussy and spoon feeds her his load. Angelina finishes of the last guy by sucking and stroking his hot cum load in her mouth and all over her face.

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Two European Models Have a 3 Way

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Two Ukrainian models just got done with a gig and were ready to celebrate. Instead of going out partying they took one male model back to their hotel room and had him fuck the shit out of both of them. Poor guy right. He got more pussy than he could handle from two gorgeous models. The girls had a great time making this dude cum.

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Cute Blonde Jailbird Sucking Down Dick

Monday, July 21st, 2014

This Cute Blonde Jailbird Get Down On Her Knees and Suck This Guys Dick.

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Miss Mary Happy Trailer Park Whore

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

Miss Mary is a happy trailer park Whore. She is currently living in a trailer with her brother and his fiance. Her dim witted brother has no clue she is sleeping with his fiance and out sucking cock for money. Miss Mary has lots of twisted johns but the guy that arrives in diapers and a baby bonnet tops them all. His idea of a good time is playing in poopy. A producer has even asked her to bring the whole family on the Springer show. But you can hear her uncensored story now.

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Street Whore CJ Swallowing Cocks Everyday

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

CJ is originally from the UK she came over to live the American dream. Things did not go as planned though. CJ had a controlling husband that told what to do and when to do it. CJ decided enough was enough and headed out on her own. Now she is living the life of a ghetto gutter slut. However CJ is a street whore with goals. She measures her success by how many cocks she sucked each day. I wonder what number Cracker Jack was.

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Transexual gets fucked by her guy in woods

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

You never know what your neighbors are doing in their very own backyard. This transsexual could be living right next door to you and getting her ass reamed out every day just steps from your patio. Isnt it an exciting underworld that we live in. This video reveals just some of the stuff going on every day behind the scenes.

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Husband Listens In On Wifes Slut Training

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Brian sent his wife Anastasia to Dirty D to prep her for being a slut with his friends. After an introduction to Dirty D Anastasia calls her husband Brian so he can listen in on her lessons. Dirty D reviews the student body and finds Anastasia can put her ankles behind her ears. Dirty D continues with an oral exam. Dirty D tests her pussy & for a final exam Dirty D gives Anastasia a big facial. Dirty D sends her back home for sloppy seconds.

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Strap On Lesbian Prostitute Downing Dick

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Katharine grew up with a fucked up home life. She bounced out of there as a teen and lived with her sister for awhile. Katharine then hit the streets and she has been prostituting ever since. She is living as a lesbian with her girlfriend. Katharine wears the pants and strap on in that relationship. During the day though she is out hooking and sucking dick for money. Katharine strips off her top showing off her perky tits before blowing Cracker Jack. Katharine proves her oral skills as she milks a cum load from Cracker Jacks hard cock.

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Ebony Girl Living Out Her Porn Fantasy

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Tasha is an 18 year old ebony sex freak. She loves hardcore porn and she fantasizes about performing in one. Dirty D takes Tasha to the theater to make her dream cum true. Dirty D leads Tasha into the dark porn theater and they find a spot to sit. Every horny pervert now has their eyes fixed on Tasha. Dirty D starts taking off Tashas top exposing her perky tits to the crowd. Every guy in the theater is stroking their cock before Tasha has even finished getting undressed. Tasha kicks things off by sucking and fucking Dirty D. Soon Dirty D has Tasha on her knees surround by dicks to suck and stroke. Dirty D fucks Tashas tight asshole while she sucks a strangers cock. Dirty D pounds that ass blowing his load inside giving her an anal creampie. Dirty D passes her off to one lucky stranger that fucks her hot wet pussy. He shoots his load all over her snatch leaving Tasha a sticky mess.

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Voyeur Husband Sends Wife to Slut Training

Monday, July 7th, 2014

Hot wife Danica comes to Dirty D to have him help fulfill her voyeur husband Brachs fantasy of watching Danica perform in a porn video. Dirty D calls up a couple of his boys to give her a well rounded slut straining session. Dirty D and the guys get Danica down on her knees sucking all of their cocks. Danica proves she has excellent oral skills. Dirty D puts Danica on the couch to give her a good double teaming. Danica eagerly takes in dicks at both ends. The first guy to blow his load shoots it all over Danicas back he then scoops it up with his fingers feeding her his cum. Danica takes the next guys cumshot in her mouth and on her face. Dirty D finishes off Danicas slut wife training with a nice messy creampie.

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