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Dr. Sparky Shocking Speculum in Shaved Pussy

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

Mackenzie says she is into BDSM and really likes to beat some ass. Well thats not going to happen. So Dr. Sparky introduces her to his lightning rod. Lets see if Mackenzie can take it as hard as she likes to give it.

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Barebacking Jailbird Street Hooker

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Tiki is fresh out of jail. Cracker Jack scooped her up straight off the street. It is rare to find a hooker like Tiki that is not totally shot out yet. This is a good day for Cracker Jack. Listen as Tiki shares the story of her depraved life and law breaking ways that lead to her working on the streets. Do not let the innocent face fool you she is a bad girl. Watch as Tiki shows Cracker Jack her deep throat skills and lets him fuck her smooth shaved pussy bareback.

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Drunk Spring Break College Chicks Flashing

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Do drunk Spring Break chicks ever get old. I dont think so. I could watch these videos for hours upon hours and still be shocked by some of the things I see. These chicks really like to push the envelope. Its almost as if theyre in a competition to be the wildest college girls around. Girls just wanna have fun right.

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Girl Vacationing from Prague Interracial Gang Bang

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Me and my crew met dis hot white bitch Angela on vacation from Prague at da store. She said she likes black guys so we took her back to our crib to give her some tube steak. My boy busts out his dick and she is shy for a minute then she goes right to sucking. Then another one of my bros jumps in and starts tagging her tight shaved snatch. Dis bitch is getting dick stiffed in her from both ends. Next thing ya know my bro is jamming his dick in her ass. Dis bitch loves dat shit. Me and all of my boyz pass Angela around getting a piece of every hole. After we are done using dis bitch me and my bros all bust a nut in her mouth and on her face.

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Wife Learns to Swallow Cum

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

Nikola sent his wife Svedka to visit Dirty D to learn to explore her promiscuous side. Dirty D is happy to teach Svedka to share her sexy body with other men. Dirty D inspects the student body exposing Svedkas all natural tits and shaved pussy. Dirty D puts Svedka on her knees and assesses her oral skills. Svedka proves to be a good cock sucker as she does not forget to lick the balls. Dirty D has Svedka ride his cock for a bit before he spreads her legs wide and pounds her hot wet pussy. For her final lesson Dirty D has Svedka learn to swallow a hot load of cum.

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Wife Learns to Swallow Cum

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Brian contacted Dirty D complaining his sexy young wife Candi was not adventurous in bed. She only wanted to do it in the missionary position. Dirty D knew this case called for some flexibility training. After being stretched. Candi is now able to put her ankles behind her ears.

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Eager Amber Gives Sloppy Wet Blowjob

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Amber is eager to give a sloppy wet blowjob. She tells us how much she want to suck a big fat cock. This blonde hottie has a tight ass little spinner body that she shows off before she deepthroats a huge dick.

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Tranny in Bikini Getting Ass Fucked by Fit Stud

Friday, August 9th, 2013

This bikini queen is ready to get fucked. Shes a tranny and shes looking mighty sexy. Its not long before her boyfriend comes over to her bed and ravages her hot little body. He strokes her cock gives it a nice suck and then pops it in the rear. Ass fucking is her favorite and she gets it all the time from her loyal man.

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Spinner Dripping in Strangers Cum

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Dirty D went out partying with his sister and her friends. It turns out that one of her friends is a wild freak that loves porn movies. Dirty D decided to show her a dark porn theater that was know for audience participation. Shawna knew she was going to see a porn movie but did not realize she was going to become the show. It took less then a second for horny perverts to gather around Shawna stroking their cocks waiting for the fun to start. Dirty D shows of her hot tight body and has a stranger pull off her panties. Dirty D starts the show by fucking her in front of everyone and making her suck some dick. Then Shawna is served up for all comers to shoot a hot load on her pretty face. After she is dripping with loads of cum Shawna reminds everyone What happens in the theater stays in the theater.

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