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Classy Blonde MILF Sucking Dick

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Classy Blonde MILF Francesca Slurping Cum from an Uncut Cock.

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Missy Monroe Slurping and Stroking Cum from a Cock

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Missy is a Marilyn Monroe wanna nice tits and great oral skills. She tongues his cock like a french kiss as she licks up and down his thick shaft. She gets on her knees and strokes him off into her mouth and her face.

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Sultry Brunette European Girl Sucking Dick and Banged

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Watch as the sexy European brunette gets hot wet snatch banged. Her supple all natural breasts bounce in rhythm as her pussy gets pounded. She works his hard dick until it erupts. She drains every last drop of cum from his cock leaving them both totally satisfied.

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Prostituting is Amandas First Job Ever

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Amanda entered the working world as a prostitute for her very first job. Her girlfriend ran an escort agency and she pimped her out sucking dick for cold hard cash. Amanda has been hooking ever since. Amanda shares her wildest bachelor party stories. She tells about the time she had a three way on a pool table as a crowd watched on. Amanda may not score highly on an IQ test but she sure knows how to suck a dick. Cracker Jack has Amanda polish his knob and he blows his cum load all over her face and tits.

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Miami Wild Wet T-Shirt Contest

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Miami is always home to hot weather and scantly clad sexy girls that love to show their stuff. This is a smoking hot wild wet t-shirt contest filled with every type of girl you could want. There are cute college girls horny MILFs and strippers all on one stage competing for cash. Watch to see just how far these girls will go to win the big money.

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Kayce Bound Spread and Electrified by Demented Dr Sparky

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Kayce is a sassy little slut so Dr. Sparky decided to make her shed a tear for him. Dr. Sparky puts his tension clamps on her nipples and pussy zapping them with the lightning rod. Then the speculum gaps her pussy so wide that you can see her cervix and hear an echo. For the finale watch her makeup run with tears and cum.

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Wife Learns to Swallow Cum

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Nikola sent his wife Svedka to visit Dirty D to learn to explore her promiscuous side. Dirty D is happy to teach Svedka to share her sexy body with other men. Dirty D inspects the student body exposing Svedkas all natural tits and shaved pussy. Dirty D puts Svedka on her knees and assesses her oral skills. Svedka proves to be a good cock sucker as she does not forget to lick the balls. Dirty D has Svedka ride his cock for a bit before he spreads her legs wide and pounds her hot wet pussy. For her final lesson Dirty D has Svedka learn to swallow a hot load of cum.

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Two European Models Have a 3 Way

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Two Ukrainian models just got done with a gig and were ready to celebrate. Instead of going out partying they took one male model back to their hotel room and had him fuck the shit out of both of them. Poor guy right. He got more pussy than he could handle from two gorgeous models. The girls had a great time making this dude cum.

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The Bachelor Party Asian Girl Pleasures Da Crew

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

My boy done found the love of his life and shit and decided he was gonna get married. We decided to throw his dumb ass a bachelor party and shit to give him one last look at the good life before he went and fucked his shit up and tied the motherfuckin chain to his ankle. The goddamn stripped we hired was takin for fuckin ever to show up and we was getting pissed waitin on this bitch to get to the crib. I called the bitch and she said she was right down the street workin at the fuckin swap meet and shit. I told her to hurry her ass up and get over here and shit. This bitch was an Asian bitch and when she finally got there we saw it was worth the fuckin time we had to wait. She had it goin on in every way. She had a tiny ass body with small little tits and a nice tight round ass. She started strippin out of her clothes right away and this bitch was down to party. She put her shit right up in our faces letting us all take turns tasting her sideways pussy. Then the bitch returned the favor and shit and had us take our dicks out and started suckin us all off one at a time. This tiny bitch was takin our big black dicks deep down her throat. We took this oriental bitch and put her on her back on the couch and shit so we could fuck her really good. She was moanin and screamin when I stuck my dick up inside of her tiny pussy. She came all over my dick in a quick minute and we switched it up so all the homies could get up inside of her Asian pussy. We kept a dick up in her pussy and mouth all at the same time and this bitch was hummin on our dicks cuz we were fuckin her so hard. We took turns tearin the pussy up real good. Then we flipped the bitch over and took turns fuckin her in the ass nice and hard. We were shoving our black dicks deep into this oriental sluts ass and she was screamin and moanin the whole goddamn time and shit. I bet this bitch never got no action like this at the motherfuckin swap meet. After we tore that pussy and ass up we stood around her and shot loads of cum all over her face and the bitch ate as much of it as she could. This was one bachelors party that my boy will never forget. I just hope his new wife dont find out about the shit.

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Amanda Beer Bottle Butt Slut

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

Christy has a hell of a story. Her step Mom is only two years older then her. Christys step Mom was a stripper and got her started working in the strip clubs. Now Christy has moved on from stripping to being a streetwalker. Christy tells about how she has been busted so many times the cops know her full name when they see her. Christy is a self proclaimed scooter tramp she loves the bikers. Christy shares how she was a hustler taking her johns money and stiffing them on the sex. Cracker Jack is not hearing that though. He makes sure Christy slobs his knob.

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