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Ellen Scrawny Ass Street Whore

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Ellens life defines dysfunctional. She is such a fuck up that her adult daughter had have the state take custody of her 7 year old little brother. Ellens old man pimp busted out her front teeth and is now in jail. Mean while whacked out Ellen is hustling on the streets for easy money. She is such a wasted nut job she nods off and on while Cracker Jack interviews her. Watch Ellen cry laugh suck and fuck while she share all of her dirty street whore secrets.

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Vulgar Stories Straight from the Street Walker

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Belinda has always been a cock sucking slut. She has turned many years of cock sucking experience into a career street walking. Hear all of Belindas sick secrets. Her nasty stories include ass fucking a john with his own dildo then he wants to suck on it while she is blowing him.

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Toothless Lot Lizard Tells Her Dirty Truck Stop Tales

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Missty is a toothless lot lizard. She says losing her teeth seven years ago has been a benefit since she loves to give oral sex. Missty shares her dirty truck stop tales with Cracker Jack. She says when she needs some extra cash she will get on the CB radio and state she is cleaning windows. Once in the truck Missty will offer to polish your knob off though. Missty says she loves doing it since she is at her sexual peak and her hormones are kicking in overdrive. Watch as Missty sucks down Cracker Jacks cock giving him a gum job.

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