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Amateur Porn Star Gang bang

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Phoenixxx Blaque is a cock craving nympho. She throws gang bang parties just to satisfy her sexual needs. Watch as Phoenixxx takes on a room full of guys hard cocks.

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White Wife On Dog Leash Sucking Black Cocks

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Lisa is one freaky bitch. This bitch likes to come chill at our crib and every time the bitch comes over she is wearin a motherfuckin collar and shit. This white slut likes to be our personal sex slave and me and the homies are more than happy to show our hospitality by using her pussy and ass for our very own personal cum dumpster. My put a motherfuckin leash on her ass this time and me and the homies made the bitch strip down to nothing. Lisa got some big ass titties and a big ole ghetto booty. She is one fly white bitch and me and the homies led her down the stairs to the basement and shit where we were about to pull a train on her ass and tear her pussy up/a> gangsta style. Lisa was more than happy to get in her knees and start suckin our cocks and shit and she didnt waste anytime at all spreadin those fine ass legs so my boy could slide up in their and tap that pussy a bit. We took turns stickin our dicks all up in her wet pussy and let her suck all of our dicks for a bit and then you know I had to tap that ass. I laid the bitch down on her back and slid my dick in nice and easy. Lisa had never had a motherfuckin dick up in her ass before me and I was gonna make sure I tore that virgin ass up real good. After I fucked her tight ass
for a minute My boy slid his dick up in her pussy and now Lisa was getting
double penetrated for the first time. Hell yeah this little white slut was getting one hell of a motherfuckin train pulled on her and shit and then me and my boy decided we wanted to see just how far this hos pussy would stretch so we slid both of our dicks up in her pussy at the same motherfuckin time. This bitchs pussy opened wide and shit and we was both fuckin and tearin that pussy up real good. Damn man this bitch gave us a motherfuckin run for our money and shit but we wasnt done with the bitch yet oh hell naw.. We put the bitch back on her knees and covered the bitches face with our fuckin cum and shit. Lisa had one hell of a protein shake splattered all over her motherfuckin face.

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Black MILF Birthday Gang Bang

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

We was all partying and shit celebratin my boys birthday and shit one night. We got back to the crib cuz we ordered him a stripper and shit and when the bitch walked in we were like hell yeah. This bitch was a Puerto Rican slut with huge titties and a big old ghetto booty. She came in and sat on the bed next to the birthday boy. She had my boy help her get her clothes off right away and this bitch had it goin on. She was about to give us more than just a strip show, this bitch had fuckin on the mind and was all about our black dicks. This bitch had all of us suckin and lickin her all over the place and she pulled out my boyz dick and started suckin his shit. We all got our clothes off cuz we knew we was about to tear this pussy up real good. This bitch was a freak for sure, and made sure we knew it. She went in circles suckin our dicks and shit. My boy slid up between her thighs and shit and stuck his dick right up into her pussy. He slammed the shit out of her and she was lovin the shit. She had a dick up in her pussy and one up in her mouth and she was strokin two dicks all at the same time and shit. After a minute we put the bitch on all fours and my boy hit it doggy style and shit while I shoved my dick down her throat. This bitch could deep throat a dick like a motherfucker. She sucks dick like a champ and takes a pussy beatin even better. We all took turns fuckin her pussy and face fuckin the shit out of her. Then the bitch had us fuck her in the ass too she took all of our dicks in every hole she had and shit. When we was all done fuckin her we shot cum all over her body and she even swallowed some of the shit. When it was time to go, she wanted more dick but we had enough so we told the bitch we would have to catch her later and dipped the fuck up out of their. That was one hell of a birthday party for my boy and this is a bitch that we will call back again next time we need some Puerto Rican pussy on our dicks.

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Pussy Creampie Slut Wife Class

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Kenny sends his wife Kim to the infamous Slut Wife Trainer Dirty D to have her sexual horizons broadened. Kenny really wants to see his wife being fucked by another man. Dirty D begins his lesson by testing Kims oral skills. Dirty D finds them to be excellent with little to no gag reflex as she deep throats his hard cock. Dirty D has Kim mount his cock for her husband to see what a good slut she is turning out to be. Dirty D fucks Kims tight wet snatch while teaching her some new sex positions to try at home. Dirty D finishes of his lesson by giving Kim a messy creampie.

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Carla Swallowing Complete Strangers Cum in the Porn Theater

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Carla is a petite blonde country girl with a wild streak. Dirty D is introducing her to the insane sexual underground and she loves it. Carla is completely turned on by anonymous sex. Dirty D takes her into the theater for a free for all. Carla starts off sucking and fucking Dirty D while the crowd of horny strangers watch. Dirty D tells them to step up so Carla can suck their cocks. Dirty D then swaps out and lets some of the other guys fuck Carlas shaved pussy. Carla is the center of a non stop suck and fuck fest. Watch as Carla sucks and swallows the last drop of cum from every cock in the porn theater.

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Black Gangstas Gang Banging a Thin Blonde Slut

Friday, October 17th, 2008

I was just chillin at the beach when I met this fly ass white ho. This bitch was wearin a goddamn skimpy ass motherfuckin outfit that had Im a slut written all over it. This bitch came up to me and done asked me if I had any weed to smoke and shit and of course I got the dro you know what Im sayin. So I brought this white slut back up to the crib and before she came up in the room I told my boys I was gonna try this bitch and sho enough I told her that the homies done smoked up all the weed but she could puff on my motherfuckin dick if she wanted to and this white ho said yeah and in a quick minute she was on her knees and my dick was all up in her mouth. The homies knew what time it was. Time to ride the white bitch train Choo Choo. In a matter of a minute and shit all the homies had their dicks out and this bitch was goin in circles takin turns on each one of us and then we flipped the bitch over and decided it was time to tear up the pussy a bit. We took turns fuckin this bitch and pulled one hell of a train before finally I decided it was time to stick my dick up in her ass. We had a dick all up in her shitter and then my boy stuck his dick back up in her pussy and we double penetrated this white slut and had her still suckin dick. We kept this bitch air motherfuckin tight. Then my boy got a crazy idea and shit he grabbed one of our wine glasses and shit and all the homies shot their loads right into the motherfuckin glass and we made the bitch drink the shit.. Gourmet cum and shit right from the glass Oh hell naw. That was some wicked ass shit right there and the bitch drank every last drop of all of our cum and shit. This bitch was a fuckin cock slut fo sho and when it was all over we got our rocks off and the bitch never did get her motherfuckin weed.

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Masquerade Party Gang Bang

Friday, October 17th, 2008

So me and da boys is chillin at the masquerade party when we notice our boy Tyler done up and disappeared on us. We went searchin for his ass and found him up on the motherfuckin roof of the building with his dick in this fly ass white bitches mouth. Damn man this fool didnt even let us get the motherfuckin camera out first and shit. Well that didnt stop us we had one of the homies run down to the car and grab that shit. This ho had it goin on too! Perfect round ass titties and ass that dont quit. Found out the bitches name was Bianca and let me tell you Bianca is about to get that pussy tore up by the homies thats for damn sure. We started rollin the film and in a quick minute Tyler had Bianca bent over the motherfuckin railing of the building and shoved his dick deep into that tight ass pussy. I was like OH Hell No I knew right then this bitch was freak and that me and all the homies was about to tear that pussy up fo sho. Sure enough we took turns tappin dat ass and then all of a sudden this other fine ass white bitch shows up and starts lickin Biancas pussy an shit. Bianca sucked the cum outta me and the crew and then shared that shit with the other fine ass ho too. This was definitely a party we was glad we came to.

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Collared Slut Sucking Cock

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Collared dirty blonde slut Daria down on her knees swallowing an uncut cock.

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Melissa Takes Cock Balls

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Cute slut Melissa takes this guys cock balls deep in Her throat.

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Daniella Rush to Suck Dick

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Slut Daniella rush to the table with guy to suck his dick.

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