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Short Engagement Fiance Gets Turned Out

Monday, February 29th, 2016

My boy came over to my crib with his new girl and shit. They just met 2 weeks ago and shit talkin about they gettin married all of a sudden and shit. This bitch was nothing but a hood rat and we told his ass right in front of her and shit. We told my boy that she be fuckin everybody up in da hood
. Our boy didnt want to believe us so we asked her if she wanted to fuck all of us and shit and the bitch said maybe. We tried to tell our boy but he didnt want to hear it and shit but we had the bitch naked and on her knees suckin all of our dicks right in front of her man and shit. This bitch was all happy and shit to have all of our dicks surrounding her and she was lookin forward to all us homies pullin a train on her. This bitch was a slut that knew how to suck a cock the bitch was lookin right up into my eyes when she was suckin my dick just like a good little hoodrat. We took turns shoving our dick into this bitchs mouth and even called her a fuckin slut while she was slobbin on our dicks and she was all about it. This botch laid back and opened her legs wide for my boy to slide his dick up in her and he fucked the shit out of her. We switched it up so all of us could take turns hitting that shit. We fucked her pussy so hard and she wanted more. This bitch is nothing more than your average cock whore and we was treatin her like one. We were makin the bitch tell us to fuck her harder and shit and she was sayin anything for us to fuck her harder. Then I stuck my dick up in her ass and fucked it really hard and made the bitch scream loud as hell. My black dick was pounding her white ass real good and I was tellin her she was gonna give us all a turn on that ass. We had a dick in every hole this bitch had and we made her take it hard. We treated this bitch like the slut she is and she had no problem with it at all. She even begged us for more dick whenever she had an empty mouth. After we fucked the bitch in her ass we all made her suck our dicks and told her to clean the shit off. This bitch sucked our dicks and had so much ass to mouth action goin on it was down right nasty. We all stood up and circled her and made her open her mouth so we could all shoot our cum right down her throat. This bitch swallowed every single drop of our cum. IU think we showed out boy just how big of a slut she actually is and hopefully he will get his head on straight and kick this bitch to the curb.

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Tranny gets some hard cock in the woods

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

Heres an unlikely pair that really hit it off. A tall and leggy tranny has a boyfriend thats shorter and smaller than her in every way. She doesnt mind and neither does he. Surprisingly enough the tranny is still a bottom despite the size of her. She loves fucking all dicks big and small.

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School Teacher Gets a Slut Training Lesson

Friday, February 26th, 2016

Roy sent his wife Joey-Lynn to Dirty D for a slut training lesson. Joey-Lynn is a teacher be she about to be schooled on being a good slut wife. Dirty D strips Joey-Lynn nude looking over her body checking out her all natural tits. Dirty D has Joey-Lynn drop to her knees to test her oral skills. Once Dirty D is satisfied with Joey-Lynns oral proficiency he moves on to her pussy. Dirty D has Joey-Lynn ride his cock to assess her rhythm. Dirty D flips Joey-Lynn over and inspects her hot shaved snatch before pounding his cock deep inside her. Joey-Lynn is passing her slut training nicely. Dirty D finishes off his lesson shooting a big hot cum load all over Joey-Lynns asshole ass a stamp of approval.

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Nicole Pumps Cock Until it Cums All Over Her face

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

Nicole is a spunky brunette who cant wait to get started. She tells him to drop his pants and let her see. She sucks and licks his cock cramming it in her mouth. She bobs up and down as she gags on his big cock. When he blows his jizz she licks it all up and off his cock.

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Groupie Cheating Wife Fed Cum

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Claudia-Marie is a huge fan of the site and Dirty D. She runs into Dirty D in a hotel lobby and begs him to go back to his suite offering to pay him to slut train her. Claudia-Marie has been married for 8 years and says her husband is a lame fuck. Her husband is waiting for her back in the room and has no idea what she is up to now. Dirty D starts off by setting loose Claudia-Maries huge all natural G Cup tits. Dirty D puts Claudia-Marie down on her knees to suck his dick. Claudia-Marie shows she is a good slut wife by licking and sucking on Dirty Ds balls. Dirty D lays Claudia-Marie on the couch and fucks her hot wet shaved pussy. Dirty D has Claudia-Marie go back to sucking his dick to feed her his cum after which Dirty D demands his money.

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Ebony Wife Eve Has an Anal Intervention Class

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Jack sent his sexy ebony wife Eve to Dirty D for an Anal Intervention Class. Eve is too proper and lady like in the bedroom. Dirty D inspects the student body to see what he is working with. Next Dirty D spanks Eves ass to warm her up. Dirty D continues by evaluating Eves oral skills and pounding her pussy. Dirty D preps Eves ass for her final exam with a glass toy. Watch as Eve sheds her shy proper lady like demeanor and lets loose her inner slut. Dirty D has Eve cursing and talking dirty while he is fucking her in the ass. Eve is now an A 3 hole slut wife.

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Amateur Porn Star Gang bang

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Phoenixxx Blaque is a cock craving nympho. She throws gang bang parties just to satisfy her sexual needs. Watch as Phoenixxx takes on a room full of guys hard cocks.

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Bizzare Street Walking Whore Stories

Sunday, February 21st, 2016

Jeri is a hardened street hoe. Her pussy has seen more action then a fast food drive through. Even though she is married her husband fully supports her hood rat lifestyle. Hubby loves fucking her fresh cum filled pussy after each of her dates. Her husband will even perform clean up lapping up her last dates load. Jeri normally serves up the ass but yesterday a date anally ravaged her leaving it tore up. Sloppy Seconds Anyone.

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Husband Listens In On Wifes Slut Training

Saturday, February 20th, 2016

Brian sent his wife Anastasia to Dirty D to prep her for being a slut with his friends. After an introduction to Dirty D Anastasia calls her husband Brian so he can listen in on her lessons. Dirty D reviews the student body and finds Anastasia can put her ankles behind her ears. Dirty D continues with an oral exam. Dirty D tests her pussy & for a final exam Dirty D gives Anastasia a big facial. Dirty D sends her back home for sloppy seconds.

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Phoenixxx Outdoors

Friday, February 19th, 2016

Phoenixxxs has a new vibrator in her favorite

color purple. Its such a nice day so she sits outside and starts to play with herself. She slowly rubs the toy against her clit as gets her pussy wet. She slides it in an out and fucks herself to a bright and sunny outdoor orgasm.

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