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Ashley Dog Loving Street Whore

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

Ashley is a Lusty Latina Whore straight from the streets of Central America. She is a total freak. Right after she takes her top off she squirts milk from her tit right at Cracker Jack. Ashleys English may be broken but her stories are totally twisted. Hear how she has a Doctor that likes to get drunk dress up in her clothes and watch her fuck other men. And wait until you find out how she likes to give her dog a little sweet treat.

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Two Street Walking Hookers Sharing Dick

Sunday, December 27th, 2015

Cracker Jack struck gold when he found this pair of skanky Whores. The Momma street walker has taken the younger slut under her wing to teach her the ways of a Hood Rat. Listen as the elder street whore shows how her jaw pops from being kicked down the stairs. This Whore has seen it all from living in abandoned buildings to getting ravaged by family members.

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Pregnant Slut Wife gets Banged

Saturday, December 26th, 2015

Jose sent his 9 month pregnant and horny wife Carmen to Dirty D for slut training. He wanted her to have some new skills to use after the baby. Dirty D did not let her being preggo slow him down. While Dirty D was pounding Carmens pregnant pussy she introduced him to a new saying. Fucking a pregnant women is the best because while you are fucking her the baby is sucking your dick. Dirty D just hopes she is having a girl.

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Two Girls Licking Pussy and Sharing a Cock

Friday, December 25th, 2015

Candy Kat and Katka are two beautiful girls that love going down on one another. One blonde the other brunette these vixens finger and probe each others tight pink pussy. They are hungry for cock and suck this one down their throats. Back and forth they share this cock till it explodes on thier faces.

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Perky Breasted Violet On Her Knees Blowing Cock

Thursday, December 24th, 2015

Violet is a hot little slut that shows off her trim job and shows off her cute little ass. She gobble down his cock and sucks it hard and fast. She says she loves the sucking sounds her mouth makes cause it sounds like her pussy. She make sure she doesnt miss a drop of his heavy cum load.

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Breaking In Her Ass

Monday, December 21st, 2015

Mitch has a problem many husbands face his wife Gianna was not giving up the ass. So, Mitch sent his wife to Dirty D to Break Her Ass in. Dirty D is always up to perform an anal intervention. Dirty D starts by inspecting the student body Giannas tight sexy body and neatly shaved pussy passes her with high marks. Dirty D moves on to assess her oral skills. Then is it time to test out her pussy. Dirty D sees Giannas tight little brown eye staring at him while he pounds her pussy. Dirty D inserts a glass toy with a lot of lube into Giannas tight ass to prepare her. After getting used to having a toy in her ass Dirty D starts Giannas final exam. Dirty D shoves his fat cock into her tiny asshole. Dirty D proceeds to fuck her ass until it is well broken in. For some extra credit Dirty D shots a big hot load all in Giannas mouth.

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Theater Slut Missy Gets an Anal Creampie Ass Tulip

Sunday, December 20th, 2015

Missy and her husband are big fans of theater sluts. They live in a small town that doesnt have any porn theaters. So they emailed Dirty D and arranged for a visit to get a taste of the sexual underground. Missy is a total cum slut that could not wait to get into the theater. Dirty D takes Missy into the theater and serves her up to all of the horny perverts lurking in the dark. After Dirty D gives the word strangers hands come flying in to strip Missys clothes off. Dirty D has Missy suck his cock while another guy eats her fuck hole. Then Dirty D begins by stretching Missys pussy and has her suck off a train of cocks while she is getting fucked. Missy gets her ass demolished while she is swallowing strangers cum. For the grand finale Missy gets a messy anal creampie. Missy gets so excited that she squirts all over. Then Missy shows off her ass tulip while squeezing the hot cum from her gapping asshole.

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Wife Kaitlyn Having Her Ass Spread and Fucked

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

Greg sent his wife Kaitlyn to Dirty D for an Anal Intervention. She has been resistant to give up her ass to him. Dirty D informs Kaitlyn that all good wives give their husband the ass. Dirty D starts his session by inspecting the student body. Then Dirty D assesses Kaitlyns oral skills and her flexibility while fucking her pussy. The final exam is anal penetration. Dirty D lubes up Kaitlyns ass really good and works it with a glass toy. Once it is open and ready Dirty D gives her ass a good pounding and shoots a hot sticky load all over her sphincter.

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Holly Touches Herself and Slurps on Cock

Friday, December 18th, 2015

See slut Holly as she touches herself and slurps on cock.

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Whacked Out Prostitute Gets Ass Fucked

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Hailey is one whacked out bitch. You can quickly tell Hailey has burned up one too many brain cells as she shares a mind blowing tale of substance abuse and sex. Cracker Jack gets excited by the story and has Hailey blow him then he spits on her asshole and fucks it. Cracker Jack has Hailey perform ass to mouth cock sucking action too. He finishes off by dropping a huge hot load of cum in Haileys mouth.

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