Two Wives Interracial Swingers Gang Bang

May 2nd, 2016
We was chillin up at swingers house party and shit, and their was these two fine ass white women there and shit and these two bitches could not wait to get some dick shoved up in them. These bitches were tellin us to get our motherfuckin clothes off and shit so they could see our dicks. Damn, these two bitches are straight up freaks. Well, me and the boys got out of our clothes and shit and these two hos started suckin some dick. There were all kinds of motherfukers getting their dicks all up in this shit and these two hos didnt care at all. They just kept switchin it up and shit and showed some love to all the dudes up in the motherfuckin room. They were straight up suckin cock left and motherfuckin right. After a bit of these two slut wives suckin on some dick and shit, they was ready to fuck. It was time to tear up the pussy and these two bitches was about to get one hell of a train pulled on their asses. There were a ton of motherfuckers up in this shit and these bitches was down for all of it and shit. We had one bitch on the motherfuckin couch with her legs spread wide and took turns sliding up in their to fuck the shit out of her pink pussy and shit. The other bitch was on her knees on the floor and had a dick up in her mouth at all times and shit while we all switched it up and hit that shit from behind. These two freaks were fuckin like they was entered in a goddamn marathon or some shit and they wasnt ready to give up any time soon. We even tossed one of the bitches up on the motherfuckin pool table and shit and pulled a train on her ass some more. Finally, the bitches had all of us shootin our cum on them and shit. I pulled my dick up out of the blonde bitch and shot my cum all over her worn out and tore up pussy. Damn man, this was one hell of a party and shit. I am gonna invite these two bitches to my crib for sure and see about getting a little something something goin with jus me and my homies. This is one swingers party that was off the chain.

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Kayces Advanced 3 Hole Course

May 1st, 2016
Kayce is an experienced slut wife that enrolled in Dirty Ds Advanced 3 Hole Slut Wife Training Course for a complete test of her sexual skills. Dirty D starts off with evaluating Kayces Oral Aptitude. Phase two is Pussy Pounding 101 immediately followed up with an Anal Assessment. After a deep probing Dirty D tests how well Kayce can take a Facial Cumshot for the Final Exam.

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Groupie Cheating Wife Fed Cum

May 1st, 2016
Claudia-Marie is a huge fan of the site and Dirty D. She runs into Dirty D in a hotel lobby and begs him to go back to his suite offering to pay him to slut train her. Claudia-Marie has been married for 8 years and says her husband is a lame fuck. Her husband is waiting for her back in the room and has no idea what she is up to now. Dirty D starts off by setting loose Claudia-Maries huge all natural G Cup tits. Dirty D puts Claudia-Marie down on her knees to suck his dick. Claudia-Marie shows she is a good slut wife by licking and sucking on Dirty Ds balls. Dirty D lays Claudia-Marie on the couch and fucks her hot wet shaved pussy. Dirty D has Claudia-Marie go back to sucking his dick to feed her his cum after which Dirty D demands his money.

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Hooker Tells About Being Born in Prison

April 30th, 2016
Born in prison to an addicted mother she enters the world suffering withdraws. Now as an adult nothing has changed. After I fuck her this nasty bitch wipes her pussy with some dudes shirt. Then right before your very eyes she has a full whack attack. See her wrath as she blames me for missing her connection. She pleads with the dealer on the cell phone screaming Im SICK. Im really SICK. I had to quickly drop this whacked out bitch off at the closest street corner.

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Tgirl in red boots gets outdoor banging

April 29th, 2016
This chick has always been really outlandish and even though shes older now shes still a lot of fun. As a tgirl she feels the need to separate herself from the rest of the crowd by dressing cravy and going wild in public . She lets her man pull her pigtails as he fucks her in the ass outside.

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Schooled in Gang Bang Skills

April 28th, 2016
Charley wanted his wife Emma schooled in advanced gang bang skills and turned to Dirty D for the job. Dirty D assured Charley that he would invite plenty of his boys over for the training. Emma starts out on the infamous Sybian to loosen up for the train of hard cocks that are lined up to fuck all of her holes. Watch this everyday housewife transform into a well trained gang bang slut ready to please an ARMY.

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European Brunette Babe Getting Banged

April 27th, 2016
This European MILF has a tight all natural body. Her perky nipples grow taunt with excitement while she sucks dick. She slides his hard cock into her hot wet shaved pussy. She ride his dick until he is ready to explode then she takes his hot load all over her face and tits.

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Cat Burglar Hooker Confesses All

April 26th, 2016
Brooke loves to suck cock without her boyfriend knowing in fact he is right next door. Living in this sleazy hotel room is rough. However it does supply a steady stream of hard cocks that pays her rent. They both live in this hotel being burglars by day and whacked out hustlers by night. Her big dream is to get a car so they can leave the crime scene faster and carry more stuff when they burgle.

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Husband Sends Her Out to Be a Slut

April 25th, 2016
Derek is sending his wife Viki to Dirty D to finally get to watch her be a slut with another man. Viki tells Dirty D that Derek sent her out to be a slut before to have her come back and tell him all about it. Now Derek wants to see Viki taking another mans cock inside her. Dirty D is always ready to turn out another mans wife. Dirty D lifts Vikis dress to find she is not wearing any panties like a good slut wife. Dirty D gets Viki naked and on her knees sucking his dick. After Dirty D has sampled Vikis oral skills he has her ride his cock. Dirty D bends Viki over on the couch and rams her pussy from behind. Next Dirty D puts Viki spread eagle sideways on the couch so he can shove his dick deep in her hot wet pussy. Dirty D continues banging Vikis wet snatch until he blows his hot load all over her pretty face. Dirty D sends Viki home to her husband a sticky mess.

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College Couple Licking and Screwing

April 24th, 2016
Young couple take a video camera on vacation. But what they shoot is their sexy fun and not the ocean. She sucks his cock and plays with her pussy. He lies her back on the bed and pounds his girlfriends pussy and she screams in ectasy.

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