Whore gets Rammed and Poots

April 18th, 2014
Candy is not sweet and definitely not a girl you would want to eat. Hear her tell all about her Fucked Up childhood and when she started hooking. Prison is a second home to this street slut she says being locked up doesnt even bother her. When Candy says she is disabled since she is emotionally disturbed you have to wonder which came first the addiction or her being crazy. One look at her pussy and all you can say is look at that Hairy Scary….It Farts Too.

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Two Girls Licking Pussy and Cock

April 17th, 2014
Candy and Katka are two sexy girls that share everything watch as they please each other licking pussy then double team a cock.

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Dr Sparky Gives Tammi an Electrifiying Anal Exploration

April 16th, 2014
Tammi was sent to Dr. Sparky for an introduction to the dark side of debauchery. Since Tammi is a 3 hole slut Dr. Sparky gives her ass special attention. Dr. Sparky introduces Tammi to the shocker and gives her an electrifying anal exploration. Her ass and pussy get lit up as the sparks fly from dual speculums.

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Sandy Must Swallow

April 15th, 2014
Sandys husband Mark called Dirty D when she refused to swallow his cum. So Dirty D setup a surprise training session with his boys. Sandy thought she was coming by to watch a movie. Little did she know that she would soon begin her slut training. She is quickly stripped naked and feed some hard cock while getting her shaved wet pussy pounded. Watch Dirty D teach this hot housewife to be a cum eating slut.

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Preachers Daughter Turned Street Walking Hooker

April 14th, 2014
Carmen is a Preachers Daughter that turned into a street walking hooker. Cracker Jack met Carmen over a year ago and interviewed her but he lost the tape. He just found Carmen again. She is back to working the streets after she did a year in prison. He also found her old interview tape. So now you get to see a before prison and after prison view of Carmen. Listen as Carmen shares the disturbing stories of her and her sisters wretched home life with their Preacher dad. Carmen is one messed up street slut.

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Bartender Bash Chicks Flashing Boobs On Boats

April 13th, 2014
Ready for beer boobs and boats. Check out the Bartenders Bash where all the hottest bartenders of Florida come together to party instead of serving your sorry asses drinks. Bartenders party harder than any other demographic and theyre proud of it. This video is not for the faint of heart and includes some amazing moments.

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Demented Dominatrix Tells About Filleting a Penis

April 12th, 2014
Crystal grew up in an orphanage. All the years of nuns whacking her with rulers and corporal punishment helped turn her into a demented dominatrix. Listen as Crystal shares the twisted stories of her dark past. Crystal also confesses to the sickest thing she has ever done to a guy. She actually filleted a dudes penis! She shares her cell phone picture to prove it. Cracker Jack is careful to watch this bitch when she sucks his cock. Crystal really works his rod good. Cracker Jack blows a big load down Crystals throat making her almost puke!

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Ebony Wife Tracy Takes Dirty Ds Slut Wife Introductory Class

April 11th, 2014
Kevin sent his hot wife Tracy to Dirty D to take his Slut Wife Introductory Class. Dirty D starts off class with a student body inspection. Tracy is a bit bashful at first but with Dirty Ds direction she opens right up. Tracy earns high marks with her natural perky tits and tight wet pussy. Next Dirty D asses Tracys oral skills. For the final exam Dirty D tests her endurance by pounding her pussy in an array of sexual positions.

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Jessicas Enrtrance Exam for Slut Wife Graduate School

April 10th, 2014
Jim has been training his wife Jessica to be a slut at home with Dirty Ds slut wife training correspondence courses. Jim sent Jessica to Dirty D for her Slut Wife Graduate School Entrance Exam. Dirty D thoroughly asses all areas of Jessica sexual skills in a Three Hole Entrance Exam.

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Punk Rock Girl Alex Swallowing Cocks in a Seedy Porn Theater

April 9th, 2014
Alex is a punk rock girl that is into the alternative music scene. She loves to get freaky so Dirty D is introducing her to the sexual underground. After they enter the porn theater Dirty D strips Alex naked for all to see. Alex enjoys showing off her tattoos piercings and perfect tits. All of the horny strangers quickly swarm to grab a feel of Alexs taunt nipples. Dirty D places Alex down on her knees to suck some cocks. Alex is immediately surrounded by guys stroking their cocks they anxiously await their turn to get sucked. Alex eagerly sucks and strokes every cock in her reach. Watch Alex as she gets coated in cum until every last man shoots his hot load on her.

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