Latina Hooker Confesses Her Darkest Secrets

March 4th, 2015
Red Fox is a life long hooker. She says they call her fire head and the head hunter on the streets because her blowjobs are so good. Red Fox shares all her darkest secrets. Like that her husband is at home with the kids while she runs around with the pimp that is her boyfriend. Her pimp is jealous of her johns though. Red Fox tells all about how she has been robbed many times while working the hustle. This ho has had a hard life. Cracker Jack has Red Fox prove her oral skills are all that by deep throating his hard cock. Then he blows his load all over her big tits.

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Drunk Party Girls Kissing and Getting Naked

March 3rd, 2015
This may be one of the wildest Spring Break videos Ive seen to this date. Girls arent just topless and kissing theyre bottomless licking snatch and even pissing themselves. Theres a whole lot going on here and if you blink your eyes youll miss some of the really juicy stuff. Watch this one closely and carefully.

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Transsexual Getting Double Dick Delight

March 2nd, 2015
This transsexual is the center of attention today. She has a cock to the right of her a cock to the left of her and a cock right in the middle (in between her legs that is). She lets the men strip her and then she gives them both what they want. A cock in her mouth a cock in her ass and shes happy.

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Collared Slut Down on Her Knees Swallowing Cock

March 1st, 2015
Daria is a glamourous exotic whore who enjoys sucking on cocks. She gets on her knees and slides her mouth on and down on his cock slurping and moaning as she goes. She wraps her hands around his shaft and strokes it till it explodes all over her.

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Phoenixxx Dbl Vaginal

February 27th, 2015
Phoenixxx is a girl next door type with an obsession for cock. She loves to fuck multiple guys at a time. She loves a cock in her tight pussy and sometimes even two. Watch as Phoenixxx gets 2 dicks in her cunt for a Double Vaginal Gang Bang. This little whore can do it all.

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Bound and Blindfolded Slut Shocked Senseless by Dr Sparky

February 26th, 2015
Lynn is bound and chained to the door frame while Dr. Sparky introduces her to the tools of his trade. He shocks her with every attachment for the Lightning Rod making her flail around like a fish. Her ass dances when hooked up to the electrodes. She says her nipples are freaking out and electrity made her cum.

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Sandy Trained to Eat Cum

February 25th, 2015
Sandys husband Mark called Dirty D when she refused to swallow his cum. So Dirty D setup a surprise training session with his boys. Sandy thought she was coming by to watch a movie. Little did she know that she would soon begin her slut training. She is quickly stripped naked and feed some hard cock while getting her shaved wet pussy pounded. Watch Dirty D teach this hot housewife to be a cum eating slut.

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Website Members Wife Getting Slut Trained

February 24th, 2015
Dan is a member and big fan of the site. He sent his wife Chrissy all the way from Tennessee for Slut Training with Dirty D. Chrissy admits that they love watching and acting out Dirty Ds training sessions at home. Dirty D begins by inspecting the student body stripping Chrissy nude. Next Dirty D examines her oral skills and Chrissy shows off some Southern Hospitality sucking two cocks at once. Watch Chrissy make Dan Proud.

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Seedy Sex Stories Straight from a Street Walking Ho

February 23rd, 2015
Growing up Julie was Daddys Special Girl. He taught her about the birds and the bees with a hands on approach. Julie grew up using everything Daddy taught her to make a living as a Whore. Julie has plenty of sick sex stories like how she got paid to put a guy in the trunk of a car take him to the woods and shove a stick up his ass. Julie calls herself the Indo Ho she is the entertainment for all of the wacko bums.

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Perky Breasted Violet On Her Knees Blowing Cock

February 22nd, 2015
Violet strips nake showing off her sexy body and perky tits. Her taunt nipples show how eager she is to suck cock. Violet drops to her knees and slobs this guys knob going balls deep. She takes his entire dick down her throat.

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