College Girls Getting Naked In the Night Club

January 21st, 2017
A wild night in a South Florida night club filled with drunken girls flashing their tits. Watch as these sexy college girl shed their shirts for our cameras. We finish the night with a wild wet t shirt contest. Prepare for a out of control bouncing boob fest.

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Gothic Girl Goes Down on Dick

January 20th, 2017
Sexy gothic girl Stella walk out on to her balcony wearing panties stocking and electrical tape over her nipples. She proceeeds to unzip her boyfriends pants. She begins stroking and sucking his cock for all of the neighborhood to see

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Teen Kayla Gets an Ass Pounding Anal Creampie in a Porn Theater

January 19th, 2017
Kayla is 18 years old and thinks she has done it all. Dirty D is going to expose her to the real raw sexual underground so she can see what being a slut really means. Kayla is not old enough to drink in a bar but she can definitely have her fill of cum in the theater. Dirty D sits with Kayla in the theater and all eyes are on her. Dirty D strips Kayla naked before the drawing crowd. He squeezes on her hard nipple while she goes down to suck his cock. Dirty D turns Kayla around and fucking her and telling her to suck the strangers cocks in front of her. Dirty D lays Kayla on the back of the couch and lets another guy fuck her while she takes loads of cum in her mouth and all over her pretty face. Dirty D goes back in and fucks Kayla in the ass filling it up with his hot load. Kayla is a cum encrusted mess after every horny pervert has shot their load.

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Slut Wife Tracy Introductory Class

January 18th, 2017
Kevin sent his hot wife Tracy to Dirty D to take his Slut Wife Introductory Class. Dirty D starts off class with a student body inspection. Tracy is a bit bashful at first but with Dirty Ds direction she opens right up. Tracy earns high marks with her natural perky tits and tight wet pussy. Next Dirty D asses Tracys oral skills. For the final exam Dirty D tests her endurance by pounding her pussy in an array of sexual positions.

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Demented Dominatrix Tells About Filleting a Penis

January 17th, 2017
Crystal grew up in an orphanage. All the years of nuns whacking her with rulers and corporal punishment helped turn her into a demented dominatrix. Listen as Crystal shares the twisted stories of her dark past. Crystal also confesses to the sickest thing she has ever done to a guy. She actually filleted a dudes penis! She shares her cell phone picture to prove it. Cracker Jack is careful to watch this bitch when she sucks his cock. Crystal really works his rod good. Cracker Jack blows a big load down Crystals throat making her almost puke!

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Toothless Street Whores Dying Wish

January 16th, 2017
Linda is a whacky street whore. She is dying of liver cancer but she is still turning tricks out on the stroll. Linda shares the story of her fucked up life of how her Dad was a cop and she ended up a hooker. Since she is dying of cancer for her Birthday present the family bought her a coffin Talk about dysfunctional. Linda says screw that she wants to be dropped in the ocean in lingerie to be eaten one last time. Linda cries that she has never been to a strip club owned a vibrator or seen a porno movie. Cracker Jack is feeling like a a good Samaritan so he has Linda blow him and then takes her out to fulfill her dirty dying wishes at the local porn shop and strip club.

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Wife Sharing Session

January 15th, 2017
Tony and his wife Judy just moved into town and they are looking to spice up their sex life. Tony is a big time voyeur and wants to watch Judy while she gets fucked by another man. Tony contacted the king of the sexual underground Dirty D for a Wife Sharing Session. Judy arrived at Dirty Ds door alone though because Tony was too shy to get naked on camera. Dirty D takes Judy through all her paces. Dirty D fully assesses her oral skills before pounding her shaved pussy. For the final exam Dirty D tests Judys reaction to cum by shooting a big hot load all over her.

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Teen Tranny Fucked by MILF

January 14th, 2017
And now for something completely different. This teen tranny has a friend thats a MILF and the MILF has some interesting toys. The older woman is ALL woman but she does have a strapon that she loves to use. The teen hops right on top of the womans strapon and rubs her cock while getting fucked.

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Anal Sex Beach Fantasy

January 13th, 2017
This hot Eastern European couple where working on a budget movie set together. They could not resist the opportunity to live out their sex on the beach fantasy. Watch as this sexy brunette takes her boyfriend’s cock in all three of her hot holes.

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Horny Husband Listens In On His Wifes Slut Training

January 12th, 2017
Brian sent his wife Anastasia to Dirty D to prep her for being a slut with his friends. After an introduction to Dirty D Anastasia calls her husband Brian so he can listen in on her lessons. Dirty D reviews the student body and finds Anastasia can put her ankles behind her ears. Dirty D continues with an oral exam. Dirty D tests her pussy & for a final exam Dirty D gives Anastasia a big facial. Dirty D sends her back home for sloppy seconds.

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